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The man who calls himself 'Jack' is stalking the streets of Washington, D.C. in search of a mysterious drug which he is inexplicably addicted to. After tracing the sale of said drug from a pair of government agents to a group of local dealers, 'Jack' finds he has extraordinary reflexes and fighting prowess when he liberates the criminals of their recent purchase...

A series of random events then lands 'Jack' square on the path to discovering the source of his training, his addiction and the mental trauma that has been dogging him for the short time he is able to remember. One clue, the pharmaceutical symbol 'Rx', will blow open a sordid history of government funded torture and psychological experimentation, a history the Central Intelligence Agency is eager to close the book on as it readies a whole new volume of social control for the 21st century

John Wilkey To Appear At Garden State Comics Fest

2014-07-13 17:50:40 JohnWilkey



pressreleasecover.pngCreator John Wilkey will be making his first ever convention appearance at Garden State Comics Fest on August 23.

‘John Wilkey’s Rx’ is a black and white conspiracy thriller about an ordinary man who creates an international scandal implicating both the CIA and a major corporation when he fails to assassinate a labor union organizer. Having been drugged and tortured in a mind control experiment, the man known as ‘Jack’ must stay alive long enough to piece together the details of what happened to him while the disgraced parties attempt to clean up their mess.

The CIA’s early exploits leading up its MKULTRA days provided a real life, historical basis for the story’s otherwise quirky action and characters. MKULTRA involved the spy agency’s documented experimentation with drugs and other questionable practices involving torture for the purpose of developing new forms of warfare. The most notorious participant in these activities was a Dr. Ewan Cameron who believed he could use these techniques to make any human being a blank slate and then use a method he called ‘psychic driving’ to make a subject do his bidding. This man and his total lack of regard for the human soul became the basis for the story’s antagonist, Rx, and his life’s work. Whereas the real MKULTRA fell apart in the early sixties, this twisted individual invented new drugs that gave him the edge needed to continue his work for forty more years. His perfect track record for breaking people and forcing them to carry out assignments was CIA legend until ‘Jack’ comes along.

As the sole creator of this graphic novel, Wilkey has only dealt with artists he has never met and bore the belief that he would one day hold his book in his hands, more or less on his own with only a few loyal supporters. Now, he is beyond thrilled to have a chance to meet comic book fans and share the fruits of his labor with each of them.

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"A scary real world thriller with a threat that sounds so crazy that it could probably happen. Solid action and a lead character as mysterious as he is compelling."

Chuck Dixon

Co-creator of Bane, former writer of Batman and The Punisher, current author of the Bad Times series of novels now available on Amazon

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